Marketing Plan

Kuda Media tailors your free marketing plan simply means that you have the route to go to the success. You then develop it as online, offline via marketing, advertising, PR and more…

Online Service

Kuda Media does all services those are concern with website design, ads on social networks (facebook, google..), marketing facilities: banner, backdrop, film maker, script, content editor…

Video & Film

Kuda Media is specializing in video & film industry such as advertising, viral, short story, vblog editor, script service, cameraman and photographer supplier..

SEO & SEO Marketing

Optimizing your website, product, service that pre-appear on the search engine tools and on most of the internet technology channels.

PR & News

Customizing the typical PR content and advising the best choice which are based on your product features & target the right potential customers.

PR/Marketing Strategy

Our fabulous skills in business marketing that are able to show the most much profits for your PR/Marketing Campaign.


Kuda Media is a global marketing and professional PR experts who are providing:

Stragging Your Business:

  1. Create the success business plan.
  2. Advice the best marketing campaign and PR branding with 100% resultable.
  3. The various internet business enviroments.
  4. Expanding the business stagegy.
  5. Optimizing the income and maximizing the surrounding’s business opportunities.

 Greatful supporting the indepth businesses:

  1. Website Design.
  2. Developing software & Managing Apps.
  3. Hosting và Domain supplier.
  4. Website Care & administrating website service.
  5. Online & Offline Adverstisings.
  6. SEO Marketing & Content Service.
content marketing

Why is SEO Marketing ?

SEO Marketing helps your product/service increase the natural searches on top search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, … so that the potential customers will match to their need’s product/service via the keyword optimization.

The higher website rank, the more organic traffic and promises to bring great potential customers in revenue with the less fee.

We will help you to optimize your website on search engines.

We will help you analyze your website against the competitors in order to find out and how to improve your search engine rankings for brandings.

tại sao cần dịch vụ seo
tại sao cần dịch vụ seo
sơ đồ seo
dịch vụ seo

Best Choices



Advertising (google, facebook, email, youtube.. ) is the best service for your products / services to reach customers quickly and effectively in the result, depending on the budget & business performance expectations.

Kura Le

SEO Marketing

Kuda SEO

Serving the general website healths, customizing more functions, improving contents, backlink networks, keyword analytics, competitor's research, brandname branking & marketing planner...

Thanh Ut



100% support for your business's plans, strategies, a series of criteria for minimum expenditure, maximum revenue, customer & human resource management systems throughout: CRM, CMS, CEM.

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